Thinking about getting a job in Early Learning and Childcare? Here are the top five reasons why choosing Early Learning and Childcare could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

You will change lives

Young children are like mini sponges. They pick up on everything and are constantly growing. To them, you will be a constant source of learning and will be crucial in helping their little brains and personalities develop – whether that’s through games, singing songs, or painting pictures. For example, did you know that a simple game of hide and seek has the potential to light up millions of brain connections in their heads? Turns out playing games is a very important job – suppose someone’s got to do it…

In a nutshell, being what’s called an Early Learning professional is all about giving Scotland’s children the best start in life.

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You’ll never get stuck behind a desk all day

Are you full of beans? Adventurous? Creative? Looking for a fun and rewarding job? Well you’re in the right place. When you choose a career in Early Learning and Childcare, every single day will be different. There’s a mix of indoor and outdoor activities – after all, kids love being outside. You’ll find yourself outside quite a lot, helping children learn about and discover the world – reading stories at a teddy bear’s picnic, showing them how plants grow, or even helping them to improve their coordination and balancing skills with some sporting activities.

Rachel, aged 20, Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

“Early Learning and Childcare makes a big difference to the lives of little ones. All the different aspects of play and learning helps them from a young age with their physical and mental development.”

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It’s a chance to be a true professional

This is a skilled job and, after training, you’ll have a recognised professional qualification. Whether you’re a school leaver or simply starting your career, with flexible training options from on the job training, to college based learning and even apprenticeships, you can come into the job in a way that suits you. There are lots of jobs available – from an Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner, helping children develop the skills they need for life, to a Manager, leading a team of professionals, there are a variety of roles to suit different qualifications and experience. Even better, there are plenty of opportunities to develop. This is not just a job. It’s a career with the chance progress up the ranks

How will my career progress?

It’s a really sociable job

If you’re somebody who enjoys being around like-minded people then Early Learning and Childcare could be a great choice for you. You’ll be part of a fun team that creates play and learning activities to help get the best out of young children. The type of people who work in childcare are always friendly, approachable, they care, and are often a load of fun. You can also be sure that every small child you meet will want to be your best pal.

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You’ll teach children skills they’ll use for life

On your first day working in a nursery, you’ll probably be totally overwhelmed. First by the tiny faces peering up at you. Second by how small certain things are (remember the chairs in primary school – well, these ones are even smaller). And third, by how much you can help these little people grow and develop. It might seem like you’re doing simple activities but in fact you’ll be teaching them skills they’ll use for life. You could inspire a future artist, chef, police officer, dentist or sports superstar – you name it! It will be your skills, creativity, and patience that will help these kids to find their place in the world. Still not sure if Early Learning and Childcare is right for you?

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