Why work in Early Learning and Childcare

Advice to help decide if a career in Early Learning and Childcare is right for you.

A career that makes a difference

If you enjoy spending time with young children and you’re passionate about helping them grow and learn – then you could have what it takes to work in Early Learning and Childcare.

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What's in a typical day?

Developing children’s skills with activities such as painting, cookery, playing music, number and alphabet games, and outdoor activities

Encouraging them to learn with stories and sing songs together

Keeping children safe and well

Assessing and reporting on how the children are progressing

6 reasons to get a job in childcare


You’ll teach children skills they’ll use for life


It’s more than ‘just a job’ – it’s a truly rewarding and satisfying career


There is so much variety (and you’re never stuck behind a desk all day!)


It’s a secure job with great opportunities for career progression


You’ll often spend time outdoors on adventures together


You will change lives – yours and the children’s

The pay, hours, and holidays

The salary for an Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner ranges on average between £15-28K per year. The actual figure depends on qualifications, experience, and what sort of nursery you’re working at. Plus there will be opportunities to earn more if you decide to work your way up to manage a nursery.

Nurseries can be open from around 7am in the morning to 6pm at night. Practitioners usually work an eight-hour shift within these times but part-time and flexible hours are widely available. So, if you have your own children, you could find something that fits around your family’s needs.

Those who work full time hours will also be entitled to the 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday a year. Part-time and flexible workers will get these holidays pro rata.

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“Working with children can be the most rewarding job in the world. No two days are the same and no two children are the same. Each day you’re helping to develop their young minds and are making an important and lasting difference to their future.’’


Early Learning and Childcare Manager

There are jobs in Early Learning and Childcare being created across Scotland.

There are jobs available

There are jobs available in private, voluntary sector and Local Authority nurseries. Private and voluntary sector nurseries are run by individuals, community groups, or commercial businesses. Local Authority nurseries are run by your local council and are often attached to primary schools or community centres. You can get also get into Childcare by becoming a Childminder.

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We’re looking for both men and women to work in ELC

Times are changing – and for the better. We’re now seeing more men interested in working in childcare than ever before. There’s even a course at Glasgow Kelvin College dedicated to helping men get into this fun, important and rewarding career.

Training opportunities

You can get a job in Early Learning and Childcare without any formal, childcare related qualifications. However you will have to get qualifications while you work. In some instances you can get an Apprenticeship and ‘earn as you learn’, receiving a wage while you complete your qualifications. Alternatively you could enrol in a full-time college course which involves lots of time on placement in a nursery.

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