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Info on the skills and qualities we’re looking for as well as the different types of jobs available in Early Learning and Childcare.

We’re looking for people of all ages and life stages

It’s never too late to start working with children. In Early Learning and Childcare you can progress at your own pace and make decisions about your own learning and career development.

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A snapshot of some of the roles available

Support Worker

This is an entry level position and is a great way to get a start in Early Learning and Childcare. As a Support Worker you will look after young children – playing, caring for them, and making sure they are learning and developing.

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It’s an Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner’s responsibility to identify and meet the care, support and learning needs the children they support. As part of a team, you’ll make sure that the activities and games you provide are educational, fun and engaging. You could be tasked to look after a specific room or group of children.

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As a Manager (or Lead Practitioner) you’ll be tasked with the development, management, and quality assurance of the childcare setting – including the supervision of staff and the management of resources. You’ll often find yourself planning an activity calendar and checking up on the progress and development of the children in your care.

Female playworker helps a young boy with building blocks


Becoming a Childminder is another way to work in Early Learning and Childcare. Childminders look after small groups of children in a domestic setting. They carry out the same tasks as those working in other Early Learning and Childcare settings; developing children’s skills with activities such as painting, cookery, playing music, number and alphabet games, and outdoor play.

Registering as a Childminder

Childminders must, by law, register with the Care Inspectorate, who will expect the completion of Induction Training as part of the registration process.

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“I like the fact you can be so creative. We choose our daily activities from messy trays, painting and baking to sensory play and spending time outdoors such as in the mud kitchen. I’m always looking for new ideas and get excited to try them with the children.”

Nicola Johnstone

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner