Aysha Nyass, Early Learning and Childcare Apprentice, Perth and Kinross

Aysha Nyass

Oak Bank Primary School Nursery, Perth and Kinross

My interest in working in Early Learning and Childcare began whilst I was still at school. Initially, when I said I wanted to work with children, people assumed I meant becoming a teacher, but I knew teaching wasn’t for me. I had just finished my fourth-year exams when I found out about the Early Learning and Childcare apprenticeship and my teachers really encouraged me to pursue childcare as a career.

My apprenticeship training provided me with great experience. The courses have been incredibly interesting to study, but the days in the nursery were by far my favourite. Putting my studies into practice at the nursery has really given my confidence the extra boost it needed to help complete my qualification. I plan to stay at the nursery and broaden my experience before taking my qualification further.

I work with a really strong team at the nursery and we all support each other. The job includes spending quite a lot of time with the families as well as the children, but the best thing about my job is getting to know all the children and seeing their personalities grow. I love listening to all the funny stories they tell me.

I think Early Learning and Childcare can have an impact on a child’s life because it sets them up for their future. It lets them see things from a different view and experience new relationships and most importantly, helps their personalities develop. They gain social skills, confidence and self-esteem and will figure out what makes them unique.

I find watching each child develop and grow is the most rewarding thing about this job. I can see where they were a year ago compared where they are now and can recognise all the things that have developed in that past year. It is a lovely rewarding job and has been worth all the hard work.

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