Kyle Izatt, Early Years Practitioner, Fife Council

Kyle Izatt

Early Years Practitioner, Fife Council

A career working with children has been an ambition of mine since high school. After completing a week’s work experience with a primary one class I knew that this was the career for me, so much so that I returned as a volunteer to the same school for two years whilst attending a college course.

I found out about Fife Council’s Early Years Modern Apprenticeship from a family member already working in the sector and I jumped at the opportunity, successfully completing the course in seven months. I am now in a full-time position in a local Nurture Centre, which provides support to families as well Early Learning and Childcare.

The scope of the job is something that both challenged and invigorated me. I have heard first-hand how many people believe we are ‘just babysitters’ and I think many people would be extremely surprised at what we actually do. The early years are when children learn and develop most and working in Early Learning and Childcare allows us to support this learning.

Something I have particularly enjoyed about my role is the opportunity I have had to pursue my own passions and also further myself with on the job training. I have always been a creative individual and I’m lucky to get many opportunities to use my creativity at work. I have designed many learning walls, displays and books with the children and love engaging them with craft activities. I gained my SVQ qualification with on the job training while I was in the nursery full time, five days a week and attended a college workshop once a month with my extremely supportive tutor. This balance was ideal for me.

I am also currently studying towards the BA Childhood Practice degree which will open up a variety of job opportunities for me in the future, especially with the expansion of Early Learning and Childcare already happening.

For anyone considering a career change into Early Learning and Childcare I would say absolutely go for it! It is so very rewarding and leaves you with one of the most satisfying feelings you can have; knowing the difference you have made for a child in their early years and how you have supported them to become successful individuals in the future.

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Kyle Izatt, Early Years Practitioner, Fife Council


"I have always been a creative individual and I’m lucky to get many opportunities to use my creativity at work."