Lauren Martin, Early Years Practitioner, Angus Council

Lauren Martin

Early Years Practitioner, Angus Council
My journey into Early Learning and Childcare

I have always been interested in a career that involved working with children. I utilised placement opportunities in local Primary schools, dance studios and participated in voluntary work at a local play centre, which confirmed my passion for childcare. I also gained experience taking on many babysitting roles and working alongside my mum to assist a child with Additional Support Needs. First, I applied for a college course doing an HNC. Shortly after I was made aware of a Modern Apprentice role with practical experience, which I thought suited my preference better. I gained my qualification working as a Modern Apprentice and have now achieved an SVQ level 7.


A job that’s rewarding and inspiring

I enjoy working with children to support their learning journey. I enjoy helping children by providing a nurturing environment and supporting relationships among parents, children and staff. I find the job very rewarding. I work hard to provide resources and opportunities for children to show imagination and creativity to represent their work. This may include art, outdoor play, props to enhance storybooks, role play, etc.

I think this role can impact children in various ways. Children can build a trusting relationship especially with their own keyworker e.g. someone who will listen, care and respect them which means they have a nurtured place to go. Play experiences and learning opportunities are provided with various resources and tools for children to explore. Children will develop a range of skills including turn taking and building relationships which will be a vital stage of their development as their transition process continues.

I enjoy working with all children and adapting to their own individual needs. I find it rewarding implementing a tool or strategy which can help support families and children in my setting. I feel listening to children and watching their progress as they transition to primary one is very rewarding as you notice the skills they have achieved with your support.

In my role I would like to develop my confidence in working with parents and have completed training and am on progress to complete a course to support families as a network point within my School. I have also started my degree in BA Childhood practice as an online distance learning course at university. I am enjoying watching my practice develop as I become aware of new learning opportunities. I will always want to continue my profession working with children and have ambition to become a SEYP or progress into teaching on competition of my course in 3-4 years’ time.

To anyone considering a career in Early Learning and Childcare, I would recommend gaining some experience in various placements learning how to interact with children. I would recommend the Modern Apprentice as this gives insight to a Practitioner role and hands on experience as well as introducing theory. I love my job and feel it is very rewarding and inspiring.

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