Sheree McCorgray, Deputy Manager, Stirling Council

Sheree McCorgray

Deputy Manager, Riverside Out of School Care, Stirling Council
My journey into Early Learning and Childcare

Whilst at university studying Drama and Theatre Arts, I had not considered a career in Early Learning and Childcare, but I had always enjoyed spending time with children and watching them grow. It wasn’t until I came across a playworker vacancy at Riverside Out of School Care that working in the sector crossed my mind. Within a couple of months of beginning my new job, I realised that this was not just going to be an ‘in the meantime’ role whilst I tried to kick start my drama career, working as a playworker was a stepping stone into the career I was meant for.

When I started in Out of School Care I thought I would just be organising and structuring activities for the children with every day being much the same; arts and crafts, a game, maybe an outdoor activity, but I’m constantly amazed by the variety of my working day. My role is to be an advocate and professional for children’s development and wellbeing.

There is a lot of time spent doing fun things with the children, but it is through their lead and agenda, not mine or another adult’s. The children are at the centre and I am there to support and facilitate them.

I have worked in Out of School Care for almost eight years now and there have been lots of opportunities for training and expanding my skillset. During this time, I have worked up from a Sessional Playworker to a Senior Practitioner and Deputy Manager whilst also completing an SVQ3 and SVQ4 in play work, improving my practice, knowledge and understanding of childcare. I have attended different forms of training, including national conferences and seminars throughout this time.

A job that is hands on, rewarding and exciting

There are so many areas of childcare that I would like to further explore in the future too. I have a particular interest in advocacy of children’s right to play and I would love to work with schools and learning centres on a national level to help support this whilst also encouraging the younger generation to consider a career in Early Learning and Childcare.

For those who might be considering a role like mine I would say, do it! There is no reason not to follow a job in childcare. It is hands on, rewarding and exciting.

The most satisfying part of my job may seem like an obvious one, but watching the children grow and develop is unbelievably rewarding. I’ve watched children flourish throughout their education; from us, onto school, to high school and then with some even coming back to volunteer as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is then that I get the feeling of accomplishment knowing that I played an important part in the development of a child.

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